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Dlang Designs



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Wear the classic head wrap beanies. The SATIN LINED scarf by DLANG Designs™ is exactly what you need to accessorize a casual or chic look. Wear yours with a minimal outfit to create an impeccable ensemble, whatever your personal style is.


Surprise Color is sent to you either, Gold, Red, Black or Green

Fabric Info: 

Elasticity of the material enables strength and durability. Light weight of the fabric keeps the condition better for longer use.


Satin Lined

Made in Indiana by local seamstress. No Refunds.

Please note: Beanie are sewn out of designer fabrics from custom orders and designs. The colors available are limited and are restocked based on demand. In this order, we will surprise you with the color you will receive. Colors include multi-colored designs, harvest gold, lilac, red, black, emerald green, and teal.

If you really want to select your color or request bulk order. Please email with your color choice at the time of order to check the colors in stock or to place a bulk order. Requests must be made within 4 hours of ordering to not delay shipping.


Thank you!


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