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 Episode 3 Style of Greatness TV


Is the best way to succeed in life, weight loss and business through revenge and trying to prove others wrong?

Let me know you're thoughts after watching Episode 3 of "Style of Greatness" TV.

Meet 5 inspiring leaders pathing the way in their careers while also impacting others.

Dedee Northway

Denise Sawyer Chamberlain

Nallely Garcia Nava

Julia Rutland 

The Gifted Gown


THE CONVERSATION: Netflix has just recently released the first trailer for a brand-new series called Insatiable premiering in early August. The show however, has quickly come under fire due to a stereotypical narrative of body image, and fat shaming.

POSING THE QUESTION: What are your thoughts on the initial trailer and the message it is trying to portray? Is it problematic?


 Episode 2 Style of Greatness TV


What is your definition of beauty?

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Show Guests:

1) Jody Spangler DeFord
IG: @redsshoediaries

2) Michaela Duerson
IG @MichaelaDuerson

3) Kierra Ready
IG @chief_ki

4) Gabriela Pitts
IG @brainsoverbeauty1

5) Shakara 
IG @shaaaakaa

6) Cortney Atwood
IG @cort_21 @Lmodelz


THE CONVERSATION: There currently is a petition going around to remove Flat Tummy Co. ad from Times Square (in New York City). This ad promotes a young woman eating a lollipop that is supposed to suppress hunger. Many believe this is inappropriate as well as irresponsible and sends the wrong message. This brand is largely promoted through social media and by popular celebrities like Kim Kardashian and other online influencers.

POSING THE QUESTION: What do you ladies think of this current topic and petition; do you feel that promoting something like this is dangerous in our current society?

 Episode 1 Style of Greatness TV


Does how you feel about yourself stop or propel your goals?

Check out Episode 1 of Style of Greatness TV show (full-episode)
and let me know your answer in the comments.

Meet the Guests:

Model and Speaker Tera Malichi
Writer and Content Creator Muffy
Designer Jayde Fincher
Master Stylist Tiffany Jessup-Pettigrew

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